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This page provides a brief summary of the committee’s work to date. Additional details may be found in the committee’s meeting minutes.


July Progress Update

Since the last progress update, the USCC has worked within the committee and with stakeholders to refine its proposed definition of the conditions and characteristics of what it means to be a large-scale survey.  The committee has also updated and revised its draft policies and review procedures.

During the end of May, June, and the beginning of July, the USCC solicited feedback on the draft policy and process documents from stakeholders and the larger campus community.  Feedback was collected informally through committee members’ networks, but also through an online form.  The form is still active and additional feedback is welcomed.  Click here to provide feedback.  Recent committee meetings have focused primarily on incorporating feedback into the drafts where appropriate.

A second focus of recent work has been to think through and discuss the USCC’s transition from a special committee to a standing committee.  This fall, the USCC will make policy and process recommendations to the Provost.  He, in turn, will decide which aspects to adopt and will charge a new standing USCC to implement and enforce the recommendations.  As a committee we recognize that there are some aspects of the policies and processes that may need to be adjusted by the standing committee based on the experience of implementing and enforcing the recommendations.  We have been working to identify and think through these aspects prior to the transition to provide standing committee members with the most information possible.

Also since the last update, the Survey Calendar has been published to the USCC website and can be accessed here.

Links to current drafts of the policies and procedures are below:

Click here to view the draft survey policy

Click here to view the draft survey review process

April Progress Update


The USCC has tackled its first discussions of what a large-scale survey polices and review procedure might look like. These documents are in their earliest stages and feedback from stakeholders is imperative. Click here to provide your feedback on the documents linked below.

We have also worked with colleagues across Penn State to curate a list of regularly administered surveys touching all levels and populations of the University.  This list has become the initial foundation for a detailed and robust University survey calendar that will be both dynamic and informative.  Our current efforts focus on exploring ways to house the calendar on the USCC website in a form that is intuitive and helpful to users, and that can be updated as the committee learns of additional and future surveys.

Best practices documentation is being developed to help those conducting surveys find the appropriate resources to inform their work if they are not survey research professionals, as well as to provide information about relevant university policies and procedures that can be relevant for survey projects. This documentation will soon be available online.

February/March Progress Update


The USCC has been busy drafting and refining a definition of large-scale surveys in order to develop a clear idea of what types of surveys would be affected by any policies or processes recommended by the survey. Please click here to view the most recent draft definition of large-scale surveys.

We have also been meeting and sharing information with various constituents (Human Resources, Faculty Senate, Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education, CCML, Chancellors, Directors of Academic and Student Affairs, Educational Equity Directors, Finance and Business leadership, Graduate School Directors, Social Science Research Institute, and the Undergraduate Education Council) to share their charge, communicate their work so far, and to gather feedback about how their work might positively or negatively impact various stakeholders. Please email committee member Dr. Rosemarie Petrilla if you would like more information or to arrange a meeting with a group that you represent.

January Progress Update


We are collecting information from groups across the University to compile a comprehensive list of past, present, and future surveys to put into a calendar.  Please click here to submit your survey information for PSU’s survey calendar.



December Progress Update


Each subcommittee has identified its key deliverables and established a timeline for their completion. The committee began to its first attempts at delineating “large-scale” for the purpose of its work. The committee discussed the importance that any oversight it recommends be designed to minimize bureaucracy and provide timely responses and feedback for surveys that meet the large-scale definition.

October Progress Update


In order to facilitate the committee’s work, four subcommittees were formed to address different components of the committee’s charge: 1) Survey Landscape and Calendar (led by Geoff Mamerow), Policy and Governance (led by Betty Harper, 3) Survey Best Practices (led by Adam Christensen), and 4) Communications (led by Rosemarie Petrilla). The committee initiated discussion around defining “large-scale surveys” in the context of its work.

September Progress Update


The University Survey Coordinating Committee was charged on September 29, 2017 by Lance Kennedy-Philips on behalf of Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas P. Jones. A commitment to transparency was established by the committee, with this web page defined as one of the primary tools for sharing information.


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